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Excellence Awards
Best Employer of the Year
The Employer of the Year Award is to recognize the commitment of an organization to provide world class training, collaborative working environment, on time appraisals and promotion opportunities to their employees.
Ship Owner of the Year
The Ship Owner of the Year Award recognizes the dedication and efforts put in by an organization to build new vessels and expand its fleet with younger vessels to meet the high standards and requirements of local as well as international clients.
Shipping Company of the Year
The Shipping Company of the Year Award is bestowed upon an organization in lieu of their courteous and dedicated services offered to the clients, their delivering competency and geographical reach.
Classification Society
The Best Classification Society Award recognizes the contribution of a classification society towards the development of the maritime sector which can be innovative, technical, operational or commercial. This award focuses on the society’s commitment to safety, quality, social and environmental responsibility and its diligent effort and involvement in the training and development of personnel.
New Building Yard
The New Building Yard Award is bestowed upon an organization in lieu of their commitment to accomplish high productivity and establish best quality and safety standards.
Best Repair Yard
The award recognizes the repair yard that has consistently meet the needs of its clientele in these times of tight capacity and has simultaneously offered cost effective and quality services, with a keen eye to yard safety.
Offshore Yard
The Best Offshore Yard Award is conferred to a yard which has portrayed a strong track record and proven its capabilities in delivering quality and innovative offshore and rig-building solutions to the oil and gas industry.
Most Innovative Product
The Best Innovative Product Award is bestowed upon an organization which has developed a technologically innovative product – either in hardware or software – which provides an apparent and significant advance for the shipping industry.
Maritime Organisation
This award recognizes a nonprofit organization, large or small, that has demonstrated sustained and superlative achievements and has accomplished outstanding success in over a sustained period of time, exhibited leadership in various maritime issues of importance, demonstrated integrity in its dealings, including financial management and made appropriate efforts to be inclusive in the composition of its board, staff, membership, and programs
Maritime Media
This Award is conferred upon the maritime media which enjoys an inimitable position in the international shipping community. It recognizes the innovative strategies and solutions, depth of insight in the maritime world, undulating reputation of the media in the maritime community for its informative editorial integrity, firm coverage and sharp analysis of the real stories behind the news headlines.