International Conference
Maritime Expo
4th International Maritime Video & Excellence Awards
Hotel Crowne Plaza, Dubai
April 18-19 , 2010
Network Evening Sponsor
AwardNite - Wine Sponsor
Pre-Event Promotion
  1. Your corporate logo will be placed on our brochures, e-brochures and news letters which are used in our extensive marketing campaign directed to approximately 8,000 named individuals who form the highly defined key decision makers within the targeted industry.
  2. A special invitation to 50 maritime organizations / associations who are supporters of Marine BizTV will also be branded with your logo.
  3. Your company logo will be placed at a prime position in the homepage of the event website
  4. Your company logo will be printed on event flyers to be distributed at all major maritime events to be covered by Marine BizTV.
  5. The video advertisement on the event will mention the Networking Evening Sponsor by name along with inclusion of the corporate logo; this advertisement will be screened on homepage and event homepage along with global telecast on Satellite and WebTV till the event.
Promotion during Event :
  1. Your Corporate Logo will be prominently placed with high visibility on the stage backdrop at the venue.
  2. You may include a 200 words company profile in the event show directory.
  3. Branding of the company durimg the dinner and cocktail areas at the venue.
  4. You will be given a half page color advertisement in show directory.
  5. Your most senior representative will be called on stage to address the audience for a max duration of 5 min during the award nite.
  6. Your corporate logo will be screened on the giant screens at the venue in between the sessions.
  7. A VVIP Table booking will be made available for the Networking Evening Sponsor for the Award Night.
  8. 5 delegates passes for the conference
  9. Networking Evening Sponsor is entitled to the sponsorship of one video award at the Award Night.
Post Event Promotion :
  1. You will receive a copy of the confidential delegates list and guest list with full contact details to assist you in new business generation and greater demand for your product.
  2. 25 episodes to be telecast globally will contain your company's corporate 2010, logo, promo inserted at least 2 times in each episode.
  3. There will be an assured global re-telecast of a minimum of 4 times. Dubai April 18-19 4. 1000 DVD to be distributed will be branded with your corporate logo along with your video contents being inserted in the DVD.
Other Promotions :
  1. 1000 seconds of free advertisement slot exclusively for the Networking Evening Sponsor on Marine BizTV.